• Educators

Walkerston Daycare children are nurtured by an experienced and qualified Team of Early Childhood Educators, who focus on extending learning through play-based experiences and allow the children take the lead in the development of their curriculum.  Our Educators are encouraged and supported to continually learn and better understand themselves and their professional practice. They are provided with opportunities for ongoing professional development through access to attendance at external courses, our monthly meetings always include a component of training our Lead Educators.

The team is further supported in their curriculum development by a knowledgeable and dedicated Educational Leader who provides guidance, offers research alternatives and suggests further learning opportunities. He/she is given additional time on a monthly basis to review each room's curriculum planning, to work directly with the team in its development and conduct one-on-one and group training of the team to improve their knowledge and skill base. He/she is also provided with additional formal professional development opportunities to ensure that any developments in our profession are understood and passed on in a timely and professional manner.

Our Director leads the team of professionals and ensures they are consistently focussed on achieving excellence. They have a comprehensive understanding of the National Quality Framework and guides the team to implement sound practices to set us up for success. They source quality resources, encourage and support quality relationships and synthesises the needs across the centre into a prioritised focus on continuous improvement. The Director is driven by achieving value and quality of service to the Walkerston community (children, team members, families and our broader community).

We prescribe to the Early Childhood Australia Professional Code of Ethics and support and endorse the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  We consider Early Childhood Education to be a profession – for many in our industry it is a vocation and, I'm sure you'll agree that it takes a very special person to be a great Early Childhood Educator. We aspire to greatness – and we will always support our team in their quest to achieve it!

The Management group values our team – knowing that a healthy and happy team of Educators leads to a healthy and happy centre! We collaborate with our team constantly and work with them to achieve a genuine work/life balance – respecting their right to a fulfilling and meaningful work and home life. We have high expectations of the team and in return we provide a working environment that is rich in learning, resources, fun and respect. Continuity and quality of care is important for our children and we work hard, as a team, to be part of a Centre that we are proud to tell others we work for.